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Are you shopping for a car?


We at Autobahn Autohaus can help  you in the following ways :


1. Autobahn Autohaus cars for sale


We currently have great pre-owned vehicles for sale. All our vehicles are fully inspected by our technicians before they are up for sale. They can be viewed at our shop.





2. Pre Purchase Inspection on vehicles you found and are interested in buying


You didn't find what you were looking for on our site but found a sweet deal somewhere else, no problem!


We always recommend to our customers to bring the car they are considering at the shop and get us to do a pre purchase inspection. Our qualified auto technicians will give the vehicle a thorough inspection to determine the cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the car. The technician will pinpoint any current and existing conditions as well as highlight potential issues that could arise in the future. By getting this pre purchase inspection done, you’ll either feel more confident that you’re making a great investment or you’ll discover that there are a few hidden conditions that could give you more leverage with price negotiations.



Car projects.


At Autobahn Autohaus we truly enjoy working on project cars whether they are for our own collection or for customers. Here are some projects that we have worked on or are currently working on.






Contact us if you are interested in us working on your next car project.

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